Is Battery Replacement Covered by Auto Insurance?

Does auto insurance cover battery replacement?

The short answer is that your auto insurance may cover the cost of a new battery replacement, contingent on your coverages and the specifics of the situation. We understand that it sounds vague, and it’s easy to assume that vehicle insurance would cover every aspect of your car. However, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to auto insurance and its complexities.


Consequently, even though you might think that your auto insurance will cover any situation that calls for a battery replacement, the truth is that not all incidents or situations that happen while driving will always fall under this category.

When an insurance company pays for a battery replacement

If you looked at your auto insurance policy today, there definitely are a few different coverages indicated (we always advocate examining your policy). For both liability and collision coverages, it is important to understand how your coverages relate to a covered loss.

For more information, especially on coverages related to auto insurance, see this post. For now, we’ll talk about the additional insurance coverages you might have, which could offer protection in the event that your battery is taken or lost as a result of a covered loss.

Comprehensive coverage may apply in the event of a stolen car battery because it covers both partial and whole vehicle theft. There are two important factors you should keep in mind if you wish to file an insurance claim:

  • The battery (loss) must be greater than your auto insurance deductible in order to be covered.
  • A copy of the police record pertaining to the battery theft will be required by your insurance company.

Determine your deductible before choosing to file a claim by looking through your insurance documents or by contacting a representative.

Car battery replacement may also be covered under collision coverage if the impact is considered a covered loss. Your auto insurance won’t cover anything if the damage to your car, including battery damage, is less than your deductible and you have collision coverage.

For each of these options, a claim must be submitted; therefore, the following advice will help ensure a seamless process.

Does auto insurance cover dead batteries?

If your automobile has the typical dead car battery problem, you can usually give it the much-needed jump start it needs to start again. But what happens if it’s just finished and won’t turn on? Even while dealing with a dead car battery could be challenging, if your insurance policy covers the required expenses, you can swiftly resume driving.

The roadside assistance package under your auto insurance coverage helps with more than just basic car towing. Sometimes small fixes, like changing a battery, can be done right away. It’s important to remember that you will still be paying for the parts even though Roadside Assistance will pay for some of the labor associated with these repairs.

The extent of your auto insurance coverage and battery replacement

When it comes to auto battery replacements, it’s better to be prepared with coverage for liability, comprehensive, collision, and roadside assistance. These policies will safeguard both you and your automobile in a range of situations.

Now is the perfect opportunity to review your coverage with your auto insurance company. By raising coverage or lowering your deductible, you can take proactive measures to protect your car and yourself from those “probably never going to happen, but may happen” scenarios.

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