When to Purchase a Travel Insurance Policy

When to Purchase a Policy for Travel Insurance

You may have even scheduled your next vacation already, but you’re eager to leave. However, in order to safeguard your trip, when is the ideal time to purchase travel insurance? The schedule will be explained to you below, however it is subject to alter depending on your circumstances and needs.

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Extra Advantages for First Purchasers

If you acquire your comprehensive travel insurance plan within a certain time frame after paying your initial trip deposit, you will often be eligible for some early purchase rewards. This also applies to solo travel arrangements with trip cancellation insurance. The most well-liked comprehensive plan offered by USI Travel Insurance Services is the Travel Insurance Select plan. If you buy this plan within the early Travel Insurance purchase window, which ends 21 days after the date of your first trip deposit, you may qualify for the following benefits:*

  • Cancel Anytime, Any Reason (CFAR) is the upgrade option.
  • The optional update is called Interruption for Any Reason (IFAR).
  • Revocation of the Exclusion for Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Some firms provide similar bonuses for early purchase of their travel insurance packages. Generally speaking, the early purchase window begins 14–21 days following the first trip deposit, though this can change depending on the provider and package.

What precisely does this early purchasing window consist of?

Even if you’re just paying a tiny percentage of the entire cost up front, you must get your travel insurance within 21 days of your first trip deposit if you want to benefit from the early purchase incentives. For instance, the day you pay the $200 hotel deposit counts as your initial trip deposit if you wish to postpone the remainder of your trip.

To modify your travel insurance coverage for any future travels after you have purchased your plan, you must get in touch with our Customer Service department within the same early purchase period (i.e., within 21 days of any subsequent payments). It is crucial that you keep an eye on your travel insurance policy when you are organizing your trip since you will forfeit all of your early purchase benefits if you don’t add your following travel expenses in your plan within 21 days of payment! To increase your insured trip cost amount, you must get in touch within 21 days of purchasing the ticket. For instance, if you book your flight for $1,500 after paying the $200 first lodging deposit, you will still be eligible for early purchase perks like CFAR coverage, if chosen.

What happens if the window for early purchasing is closed?

It is crucial to get your buy timing coverage for travel insurance as soon as possible, even after the early purchase period has passed since you paid your first trip deposit. Your plan becomes effective the day after your purchase, and you may start taking advantage of your trip cancellation benefit right away. You may be entitled to reimbursement if a covered incident occurs and you have to reschedule your trip.

Be careful to get the plan far in advance of any potential storm if you’re worried about how hurricanes or other weather conditions might affect your trip. If you buy your plan after the fact, you will not be covered for a hurricane, blizzard, or other declared catastrophe because it would be deemed “foreseen.”

Additionally, bear in mind that if you’re not the kind to make plans in advance, you may often purchase your plan up until the day of departure.

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